Main Venue Curator

Aaron Betsky, Curator


Aaron Betsky is curator, critic, and lecturer on art, architecture and design currently living in Cincinnati. In 2008, he directed the 11th Venice International Architecture Biennale, which was at the time the highest attended such event. Between 2006 and 2014, he was Director of the Cincinnati Art Museum, and before that was Director of the Netherlands Architecture Institute (2001-2006) and Curator of Architecture, Design, and Digital Projects at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art (1995-2001). Trained in the humanities and then as an architect at Yale University, Betsky has also worked as a writer and as an architectural designer or Frank Gehry and Hodgetts & Fung Design Associates. He writes a twice-weekly blog for architect, as well as articles for both professional and general audience publications. He teaches senior level design studios, most recently at the University of Cincinnati (2011-). He lectures regularly around the world. He has published over a dozen books including, most recently, his collected essays, At Home in Sprawl. His survey of modernism in architecture and design will be published by Actar in the fall of 2014.

Alfredo Brillembourg, Curator


Alfredo Brillembourg received his bachelor and master degrees in architecture from Columbia University. In 1992, he received a second architecture degree from the Central University of Venezuela, where he founded Urban-Think Tank (U-TT) in Caracas a year later. He has been a member of the Venezuelan Architects and Engineers Association since 1994. Beginning in 2007, Brillembourg has been a guest professor at the Graduate School of Architecture, Planning and Preservation at Columbia University, where he co-founded the Sustainable Living Urban Model Laboratory (SLUM Lab) with Hubert Klumpner. Along with Klumpner, Brillembourg has held a Chair of Architecture and Urban Design at the Swiss Institute of Technology (ETH Zurich) since 2010. As co-principle of U-TT, Brillembourg has received the 2010 Ralph Erskine Award, the 2011 Holcim Gold Award for Latin America, the 2012 Holcim Global Silver Award, and second place in the 2014 Zumtobel Group Award for innovative contributions to ecological and social design practices. He was also part of the Golden Lion- winning team at the 13th Venice Biennale of Architecture for the installation ‘Torre David/Gran Horizonte’. He has lectured on architecture and urban design worldwide, including at the Harvard GSD, AEDES Berlin, Berlage in Rotterdam, Center for Advanced Urbanism at MIT, and SCI-Arc.

Hubert Klumpner, Curator


Hubert Klumpner graduated in 1993 from the University of Applied Arts in Vienna in the Master Class of Professor Hans Hollein. Klumpner worked with Enrique Miralles and Paul Rudolph before receiving a Master of Science in Architecture and Urban Design from Columbia University in 1995. He has been a member of the German Chamber of Architects since 1997. In 1998, Klumpner joined Alfredo Brillembourg as Director of Urban-Think Tank (U-TT) in Caracas. Beginning in 2007, Klumpner has been a guest professor at the Graduate School of Architecture, Planning and Preservation at Columbia University, where he co-founded the Sustainable Living Urban Model Laboratory (SLUM Lab) with Brillembourg. Along with Brillembourg, Klumpner has held a Chair of Architecture and Urban Design at the Swiss Institute of Technology (ETH Zurich) since 2010, and currently serves as Dean of the Department of Architecture. As co-principle of U-TT, Klumpner has received the 2010 Ralph Erskine Award, the 2011 Holcim Gold Award or Latin America, the 2012 Holcim Global Silver Award, and second place in the 2014 Zumtobel Group Award for innovative contributions to ecological and social design practices. He was also part of the Golden Lion-winning team at the 13th Venice Biennale of Architecture for the installation ‘Torre David/Gran Horizonte’.

Doreen Heng Liu, Curator


Doreen Heng LIU, born in Guangzhou, is a Chinese architect. She received her MArch from UC Berkeley and Doctor of Design at Harvard Graduate School of Design. Her research focuses on contemporary urbanism and architecture in the Pearl River Delta, and the specific impact of urbanization on design and practice in China today. 

She established her own design practice NODE (Nansha Original Design) in Hong Kong and Nansha, Guangzhou in 2004, and opened another studio in Shenzhen in 2009. Her built architectural works include Value factory – Main Entrance & Warehouse renovation – Venue A in 2013 Shenzhen/Hong Kong Urbanism/Architectural Bi-city Biennial; Nansha Science Museum, Nansha Bookstore, Guangzhou Times Museum, Lianzhou Int’l Photography Festival Permanent Site & etc. Her design works have been widely published in many international & domestic professional magazines including Architectural Record, Domus, Abitare, Volume and etc. She and her office also have participated in various architectural and art exhibitions including Shanghai Biennale, Guangzhou Triennial, Shenzhen/Hong Kong Urbanism & Architecture Biennale, Venice Biennale and Rotterdam Architectural Biennale, and etc. In 2012, Doreen with her firm NODE is shortlisted as one of five international emerging architects for Audi Urban Future Initiative (AUFI) awards; in 2014, Doreen was nominated as Curator for Hong Kong Pavilion for the 14th International Architecture Exhibition – la Biennale di Venezia.

Renny Ramakers, Co-Curator


Co-founder and director of Droog, RennyRamakerscurates design exhibitions, is a judging panellist on various design boards and leads lectures and workshops worldwide. She has advised on governmental advisory boards, amongst others as a member of the Dutch Council of Culture (1995-2001). She has contributed to international magazines, books and catalogues, and has also authored several books. She has been chair of the board of THNK, Amsterdam school for creative leadership. In 2012 she has been named one of the “150 Women Who Shake the World” by Newsweek.

Recently she started the programme Design+Desires to examine to link the dreams, desires and needs of citizens to their virtual and real daily experiences. The objective is to find solutions and opportunities that can be implemented in the existing daily environment. The ultimate goal is to upscale these towards a larger infrastructure and to develop a conceptual model for a partly self-organizing city.

Benjamin Ward, Co-Curator


Benjamin Ward currently works as a project manager and production engineer at MakeTime. MakeTime is an online, transactional marketplace where manufacturers connect to buy and sell CNC machine production capacity by the hour. We are revolutionizing manufacturing by changing the way businesses negotiate and transact to produce goods across the world. For entrepreneurs, designers, and makers we are making it as easy to purchase manufacturing capacity as to purchase server bandwidth in the cloud. Prior to MakeTime, he worked as a project manager and fabrication specialist for Parrish Rash & van Dissel, Parrish Production and Rash, LLC - each engaged in producing various works for top-level artists, designers and hospitality companies. Additionally, he has worked professionally at the offices of Morphosis Architects in Culver City, California, as well as Future Cities Lab in San Francisco, California. Altogether, Benjamin has been directly involved with the digital and physical production of hundreds of projects ranging from large-scale architectural installations, to high-precision components for some of the world’s most progressive companies in the automotive, robotics and medical manufacturing industries.

Jason Hilgefort & Merve Bedir, the curators of the Aformal. Academy


Jason Hilgefort is an urbanist/architect that studied at University of British Columbia / U.Cincinnati; has worked in New York, Rotterdam and Bombay. He won Europan11-Vienna, is part of Future Urban Research group in NL, published in The Architecture of Knowledge, and is regular contributor to uncube magazine.

Merve Bedir is an architect/researcher. She is a Phd candidate at TUDelft; curated One Architecture Week, Vocabulary of Hospitality; produced the documentary film Agoraphobia and is currently facilitating Bostan: A Refugee Garden+Community Kitchen. She has worked with/at NAI, INTI, Studio X Istanbul, EPFL, Archis, African Centre for Cities, and has written for Volume, MONU, Failed Architecture, Zivot, etc.

They are partners in Land+Civilization Compositions, aotterdam/Istanbul based studio exploring issues at the ever expanding edge of urbanism that views city creation as an art. forum. 

Aformal Academy is prepared in cooperation with Ljubo Georgiev and Hristo Stankushev.


LIU Si, Project Manager


She receive her master of architecture from Tsinghua University and Stage Design&Scenography ( Master of Arts) from the Technical University of Berlin. DAAD scholarship for artists holder.

From 2011-2014 she worked as stage designer and project coordinator in Zuni Icosahedron ( Hong Kong). She has participated in 2011, 2013 "Architecture is Art Festival" (Hong Kong) and 2014 Smithsonian Folklife Festival (Washington D.C.) as designer and project coordinator. Since 2015 working and living in Shenzhen.

YIN Yujun, Production manager


Co-founder of Projective Architecture Office (PAO). He received his Master of Architecture and Master of Landscape Architecture degree from Harvard University Graduate School of  Design. Dean scholarship and research funding receiver.

His architecture researches and practices focus on architecture design as a spatial implement to interweave with the urban environment and create the active and vibrant public life. Representative projects such as Shen­zhen Bay B-Tec (Bio-Technical-City), Buenos Aires Na­tional Art Gallery, Shenzhen Haina Baichuan Tower, and Shenzhen Xiasha Bay urban design.

He has participated in the 2005/2007/2009/2011/2013 SZ\ HK Biocity Biennale of urbanism \architecture, Lisbon Architecture Triennial 2007, 2011 Venice Biennale,  New York Cooper Hewitt Design Museum –TULOU SOLO. He also co-curate the affordable housing competition exhibition. His work was selected in 《Architecture China 100》 exhibition in Ger­man Reiss-Engelhorn-Museen in 2012. His architecture critics and articles were launched in 《Harvard Platform》《DOMUS》《time Architecture》and 《Urban Architecture》.

Andrés Ruiz, Production manager (Radical Urbanism)


Andrés Ruiz is from Quito, Ecuador. Currently, he is studying Architecture at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich (ETHZ). His contributions to the current Biennale are the design and coordination of the Radical Urbanisms exhibition. Yet his engagement in the search of collective endeavours, striving for re-using, re-signifying and re-constructing the city, goes much beyond the coordination of this event. The UABB, from his point of view, is a short and mid-term invitation to break up with established canons in academic and trendy architecture. These, by acting as authorities, may pose thinking-boxes instead of fuelling creativity. Thus, Andrés is one of many young architects calling for intergenerational (un)learning processes, in order to abandon the heroic role of the architect as a top-down planner, being eager to learn from the unequalled force of grass-rooted struggles. All over the (metaphorical) South, these are flourishing in a daily basis. 

Sub-Venue Curator

Yang Yong, Sub-Venue Overall Planning, Curator


In 1999, Yang Yong began to hold important solo and group exhibitions in Kiasma Museum of Modern Art in Helsinki, Finland, New York International Center of Photography (ICP), London’s V & A Museum, ZACHETA International Museum of Art in Warsaw, Poland, LE PARVIS Art Center in France and Ullens Center of Contemporary Art in Beijing. He also participated in the 50th Venice Biennale, the 4th Gwangju Biennale in Korea, the 2009 Shenzhen-Hong Kong Bi-City Biennale of Urbanism \ Architecture, forming only a small part of more than 100 exhibitions that he has held.


Yang Yong has published 9 personal albums in English and French since 1999, and some of his works have also been collected by arts galleries, art centers and private collectors in the United States, Britain, Germany, France and many countries. He also participated in the curatorial work for the 41st World Expo Shenzhen Pavilion in 2010, as well as curatorial works for over 20 art exhibitions / projects of different sizes and scales. 

See You Tomorrow, Special Photography Exhibition Curator


The “See you Around” artistic team combines the artistic skills of 3 artists, including Teng Fei, designer Huang Yang and photographer Liang Rong.

Teng Fei was born in 1967 in Guangzhou. He graduated from Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts with a major in painting in 1985, and further pursued higher education in majoring in painting at the Munich Academy of Fine Arts in 1989. Teng Fei dedicated himself to the field of arts in Germany for 17 years, and came back to Shenzhen in 2006 to continue his work in the art industry.

Huang Yang, born in 1971 in Sichuan Province, graduated from Sichuan Academy of Fine Arts majoring in Education in1990. Since coming to Shenzhen in 1995, he has been engaged in creative works in graphic design and visual arts, and lives and works in Shenzhen.

Liang Rong, born in 1978 in Guangdong, graduated from Beijing Film Academy majoring in Picture Photography in 1998. He is now engaged in photography, painting and other creative work, and lives and works in Shenzhen.