By-City Biennale of Urbanism \ Architecture (Shenzhen) (hereinafter referred to as “UABB”), will integrate all resources to further strengthen its role as a knowledge platform, and setup the UABB School. During the exhibition period, it will call for programs and lecturers from the public, to plan a series of courses / events for the public, and such courses / events shall be open and free to the public(Majority of the courses / events shall be open and free to the public, however some fee may be charged for some courses/events based on costs incurred)。
UABB School Profile:
UABB School made a remarkable achievement at UABB 2013. A total of 104 public education programs attracted participants from different fields and different professions. In 2015, we are eager to continue carrying out extensive interaction with the public, and explore and gain an in-depth understanding of prevalent global urban problems. The public is most welcome to participate in discussions while acquiring knowledge, to put forward their own unique views and opinions about the cities.
Whether you are professionals, creative groups, teachers, students, families and communities, there are programs suitable for all of you, which you will find exciting and knowledgeable at the UABB School. The programs are classified into three categories: Academic Events, Professional Events and Public Events. Program Proposals Wanted:
Upholding the concept of a knowledge platform, we are dedicated to providing a communication platform for people with lofty ideals and who are willing to initiate knowledge dissemination activities. UABB will provide the venue, volunteers, and publicity support for initiators, and organically integrate participating programs. Activity initiators can communicate and interact with the audience, share experiences, and reveal their fresh and unique perspectives, creating brainstorming sessions to let new ideas spark. On the other hand, we also hope through these activities, to motivate and inspire the public to gain more knowledge on urban and architectural planning, and drive people to together imagine, plan and rebuild cities. For program submission and enquiries, please email to:


We will publish course arrangements and other related information on the official website, Weibo (microblog) and other platforms. Some of the courses will require registration, and will have online course booking. Interested parties are welcome to participate, and can come to the UABB School to experience a cultural feast in person. During the 2-month long exhibition period, we will provide a wealth of exploratory projects and learning resources to each and every visitor, which will more than satisfy your thirst for knowledge! We have three major professional activities with no limits on age or background, to provide you the opportunity to learn about your city, experience your city and participate in the transformation of your city.
Course Links: Programs to be collated.

Aformal Academy

ReLearning the City

RELearning is a spatial and co-creational knowledge exchange, where professors, both foreign and local students, lecturers, local craftsmen, in-town guests, local researchers, exhibitors, and citizens crash together in a free flowing information exchange – creating a process of multi-layered learning across disciplines, for all. The academy will start by questioning everything. We will REthink the object as the core manner of perceiving architecture and urbanism. It seeks frameworks that enhance the REinterpretation of buildings, the REmaking of our cities, and the REimagination of our daily lives. We will learn by operating within an adapting building, on a transforming city, and amongst an ongoing Biennale. The Aformal Academy is not merely a of series educational workshops parallel to the Biennale; it is a hybrid of learning by making, exhibition, and social space; at once the public at large with the evolving library of provocations and spatial archive of explorations. The curators of the Aformal.Academy – RE:Learning The City are Jason Hilgefort and Merve Bedir. They are partners in Rotterdam/Istanbul-based Land+Civilization Compositions and they will cooperate with Ljubo Georgiev and Hristo Stankushev.